3. Liga England (1. Div)


28.02.2023 23:03
It was in 90+ minutes. I was leading 3-1 at half-time and you turned it around in the second half to 3-4.  I'm getting cold sweats just thinking about it.

Hopefully Bristol can climb to 1070 in the second half of next season to have another push at a trophy!

28.02.2023 22:46
That was also in Overtime? I just checked the result. Or was it in the 90+ minute?

I think that was the period, when Bristol was by far the strongest team here. We had many good matches back then.
28.02.2023 19:15
I don't begrudge you any of your CL trophies with the possible exception of the 02/21 CL final.  That one still stings a bit!

Good luck to all for the coming season
28.02.2023 18:21
Funny - I was also checking the same yesterday. From my last 11 CL finals I won 10. Considering that these finals are typically even looking at the strength points, this can for sure be considered lucky. 

Or we simply say, that Barrow is a team for the big matches - to me that sounds great.

Wishing all of you a good coming season!
28.02.2023 17:43
On another note. I have a relatively new casual FMO England account with Mansfield Eagles and have just won the first ever Conference Cup!

What I can say is that it will greatly help mid table teams with finances and match practice. The Country Rankings will go crazy and in theory England should benefit with having a strong top division.  The burden of gaining Country Points will be taken off the teams at the top and shared throughout the division. We will need all teams in Europe to field strong teams, whether that's in the CL,EL or CO. If the CO clubs don't go strong in the competition then England will struggle!

28.02.2023 17:32

You peaked my interest with the 95% comment. My cup final record against Ingo from 06/20 season onwards is:

National Cup
Played 5 - Won 2 - Lost 3 (2 via penalty shootout)

Played 3 -Won 1 - Lost 2 (1 via penalty shootout)

I think that the 116th minute /119th minute substitution of bringing a attacker on could be a penalty shootout  tactic that I need to be aware of!  3 out 3 penalty shootouts makes me wonder.....
28.02.2023 16:44
Wenn Ingo und sein Barrow im Finale stehen wird dieses zu 95 % gewonnen, eine sehr beeindruckende Stärke, die ich auch schon einige Male zu spüren bekommen habe.

Glückwunsch Ingo !!

Bristol hätte sich auch einen Titel verdient, doch Phi du bist nächste Saison an der Reihe.
@Ata Lameck: Wen meinst Du?
"Mal sehen, ob der bekannte Paranoiker auch hier wieder meine Glückwünsche meldet..."
28.02.2023 13:47
Hey Ingo

Don't rub it in with all that cup prize money! :)
28.02.2023 13:32
Finanziell war das auch ganz ok diese Saison:

    90.923.794 22.963.203 8.605.266 123.433.580
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